Custom add-ons for university counseling center software

Special notice about our patented emr browser

We offer custom queries and add-on products for the most common software that college/university counseling centers run on.

What ways can we help you as a consulting service?

  • We can add external software and queries that support Ti*'s database, such as card swipe check-in, online appointment scheduling, (free) text appointment reminders 2 hours before client appointments and custom reports that are specific to your environment.
  • We can augment your own IT staff if key members have to be out for an extended period of time. Earlier this year, Vic Fanberg had surgery that kept him out of the office for 8 weeks. If a service like ours had been available at the time, the counseling center at his university could have continued receiving the same level of service for Ti* during that time.
  • We can also augment your IT staff for Ti* if you have projects and priorities that your school's IT department has trouble properly staffing.
  • Universities and colleges with tighter budgets that can't afford a dedicated person for Ti* can schedule us for any quantity of pre-selected days per week or month.
  • Individual queries can be ordered starting at $75 for the simplest queries. A query about the complexity of generating a CCAPS flag every third individual appointment is $700. All queries are one time expenses, not annual fees.

Our queries are different. They are written in a manner that will continue working over time where more traditional queries will require modification.

Since we do not control the structure of the vendor's database, we take the extra step of designing them to be "break resistant". Vendors constantly change and improve their database, but most of those changes will not affect our queries because of the proprietary way they are written.

To see how our queries meet your EMR vendor warranty requirements, please read about the 2 types of queries.

Our developer, Vic Fanberg, has helped many universities and colleges over the past decade by responding to posts on a list server (no longer available to him) and improving Ti* for every user by making many solid recommendations for improvement that have been adopted by Ti*. If there is a demand to continue seeking this kind of free help, he will start his own list server targeted to technical people, but open to all, to exchange ideas between technical people and help end users.