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Vic Fanberg is a software developer living in central Ohio who has created innovative, responsive software since 1968. The primary characteristic of his software is that it meets the needs and wishes of his customers.

Starting in 1968, Vic began writing original cryptographic software that allowed generating books for locksmiths and schools to open combination padlocks or cut keys by number. 1972 - 1985, he was publishing an international trade magazine and writing programs to control solenoids, stepper motors, typesetting machines, etc on a PC he personally built by soldering integrated circuit chips to boards, five years before IBM introduced their first PC. 1986 - 1996, he was a programmer for various wholesale food distributors. He was a consultant for a government consulting company 1996 - 2003. From 2004 - 2017, he was the programmer supporting the student Counseling & Consultation Service at his university, perhaps the largest university in the world. Currently, he is the software architect for DateWise, Ltd, a consulting firm specializing in safely adding functionality to MS-SQL based third party software.

Educationally, he has 2 degrees in computer science (the masters with an emphesis in software process improvement), a degree in nursing (wanting to apply computers into the health field, but designing it from the perspective of a nurse user), a degree in theology with an emphesis in pastoral care (i.e., counseling), and a degree in the study of law (with an emphesis in intellectual property).

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