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Why do you need more control over your EMR system?

Here are some sample queries (specifically for Ti*, since that is the EMR we are most recently experienced with)

Automation queries
  • You want flags to be automatically generated for clients that need to do a CCAPS every 3rd kept individual therapy appointment
  • You want holidays automtically loaded into each staff members' schedule
  • You wish to move data between data forms and other data forms or other parts of Ti* (for example, you want pre-populated data forms)
  • You want to avoid merging clients with similar names whose identity has been slowly changed over time in Ti* until they look identical
  • Two hours before their appointment, you want to text (free) appointment reminders to clients
  • Your psychiatrist would like a fully functional vital statistics data form viewable within Ti*; complete with normal Ti* signature tracking/unlocking and guaranteed integrity of data previously entered
  • You want to establish a policy where users can automatically unsign notes that they've signed up to 1 business workday after they were locked
  • You want to do online scheduling for your Ti* clients
  • You periodically send various lists of clients a mass emailing and want that email text loaded into each client's chart
  • Since changing a data form design immediately alters all filled out copies of that data form, you want to be able to convert completed consent forms to PDFs, so that consent forms never change after they are filled out.
Read only queries
  • Sometimes the front desk has trouble locating data forms they just uploaded and want a query to find them
  • You have multiple versions of the same data forms in your Ti* system and want to be able to run queries that includes all versions
  • You want more control over your DSM queries, such as generating them based on chapters of the DSM manual rather than individual diagnoses
  • You want custom end of year data, specific to your school that can be run in a reasonable time
  • Your intake procedures involve a client going through triage, then having an intake appointment, so standard Ti* intake wait reports don't work for you. You need a custom report
  • You want to be able to find all the notes you've signed
  • You are tired of having to export data to run your own queries or are concerned about the possibility exported data leaving your counseling center
  • You found that some Ti* reports run for hours and want those replaced
  • You want analytics to understand what time of day, day of week, week of semester that you have the most demand for counseling service
  • You want to know which clients fit a certain criteria, such as active client that have specific disabilities
  • Your intake process involves a triage therapist checking a dataform box and placing the client on the waitlist. If the therapist checks the box, but forgets to place the client on the waitlist, the client "disappears" from being tracked in Ti*. You want a query that finds clients with that checkbox, but nothing more has been done for that client in the last 6 weeks
  • Each of your clinical data forms have an identical field that identifies client severity. You need a report to allow verifing that all clients who scored "high" severity on their most recent clinical data form have an appropriate next appointment date

What are the two types of queries?

"Read-only queries" access the database, calculate some information and creates a listing showing the information requested.

"Automation queries" add functionality to what your EMR does for you by doing some actual work that persists somewhere (usually in the database, but could be something like a text message being sent).

Some of the queries listed above as "automation queries" could actually be implemented as more of a hybrid, having the advantages of both and none of the risks. You can contact us for more information about specific hybrid queries or any potential query issue.