The Matrix Reloaded CAM

What is a CAM?
A conditional access module ("CAM") is a unit to insert a smart card into a satellite receiver as proof you have subscribed to the satellite signal and are authorized to receive it. Many satellite receivers have one or more PCMCIA common interface ("CI") slots that support the insertion of various manufacturers' CAM modules.

In other words, a smart card verifies your subscription, and the CAM provides the slot to insert the smart card into. We sell CAMs and a few products to repair the CAM itself, should your CAM need repair or updating. We do not sell smart cards for satellite reception, you have to obtain that from your satellite signal vendor to make use of our products.

Why did we start distributing CAMs?
We decided to start handling the Matrix reloaded CAM when our CIO tried unsuccessfully for a year to find a North American source for a Viaccess compatible CAM to use with a FortecStar satellite receiver so he could subscribe to a paid foreign language channel. The foreign language channel only had full receiver systems available, not just a CAM to fit the common interface on his receiver. The FortecStar receiver included a built in hard drive to record shows, a dish positioner, and universal LNB compatibility. The receiver that the foreign channel offered had none of those features and would have required scrapping the universal LNB, sorely limiting any options for viewing other channels on satellites.

Why did we choose Matrix Reloaded CAMs?
We settled on the Matrix Reloaded CAM because we did not want to limit future choices for paying for satellite channels. This universal CAM currently supports the following encryptions:

1. Betacrypt
2. Conax
3. Cryptoworks
4. Fun6in1
5. Free X TV
6. Irdeto 1, 2
7. Nagravision
8. Seca 1, 2
9. Viaccess 1, 2

Not all of those are currently used in the satellites over the United States. The point is that Matrix Reloaded CAM is flexible. These are all the KU-band satellites that currently use Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Nagravision and/or Viaccess encryption methods over the US: AMC 1, AMC 2, AMC 4, Anik F1, EchoStar 1, EchoStar 2, EchoStar 3, EchoStar 4, EchoStar 6, EchoStar 7, EchoStar 8, EchoStar 9/Telstar 13, Galaxy 10R, Nahuel 1, Nimiq 1, Nimiq 2, SatMex 5, and Telstar 5.

The reason for Matrix Reloaded's flexibility is that it is programmable. There are upgrades constantly being written for the Matrix Reloaded CAM. If you are computer savvy, you can order a couple pieces of hardware, upload the upgrades yourself from the internet, then upload the upgrades again from your computer to the CAM. Alternatively, we can supply pre-programmed cards that just load new upgrades directly, without even removing the CAM from your satellite receiver. We save you from having to have the knowledge, time and equipment to download the files from the internet and write cards to load the latest firmware.

A single Matrix Reloaded CAM does all the work of Joker, Ice Crypt, Sky Crypt and Magic CAMs rolled into one without having to purchase each of those separate CAMs. This cutting edge technology of the Matrix Reloaded CAM is still young and the most powerful unit available today.

What services do we offer?
Because Matrix Reloaded is programmable, it is usually software repairable if it ever becomes damaged. If our pre-programmed cards can't fix a damaged CAM, we are prepared to reload the firmware within the CAM, a process that used to take disassembly, de-soldering a chip, re-soldering and re-assembly. A 30 minute job for an expert (and perhaps impossible for an amateur) can now usually be done without any of those steps. All of this means the Matrix Reloaded is supportable. For more information, inquire here.

Why should you buy from us?
This is the same satellite receiver CAM that has been sold from Europe to the US for the past several months over eBay. Now, it is available without paying high fees to ship the product from Europe to the US and without the extra delay. Typical recent eBay sale prices have been in the $144 to $161 price ranges, plus another $20 - $40 shipping to the US from Europe. Such individual importing leads to feedback to the European sellers like "Inflated P&P. Item cost 177 Wanted 220 total. Beware !! Hidden charges galore." The seller had disclosed that his shipping prices were within the United Kingdom. Save yourself the hassle. If you are in North America, buy it from a source here in the US.

How do I order?
We offer convenient credit card processing through CCNow, our on-line merchant or you can mail us your check or money order. To order, view our price list.

Dealers inquiries invited.

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