The following statement is covered by the US Y2K Readiness Disclosure Act of 1998.  All information furnished is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is based upon code inspection and testing of DateWise Ltd's products.

DateWise's definition of Year 2000 Compliance is that the product works the same yesterday, today and tomorrow; regardless of date that "today" happens to be.

All of DateWise's products comply with DateWise's definition of Year 2000 Compliance.

RegDump has one place where it displays a date, that being the date when each identified product was last accessed.  It is a display only field whose format is controlled by the setting of the Short Date Format in the Windows Control Panel.  If the short date format is set to "mm/dd/yy", February 29, 2000 will be displayed as "02/29/00".  In the two digit format, the date is unambiguous through the year 2079 (or the limits of the operating system, whichever comes first) since it is the date of a file and no file dates can be before 1980.

Abater for Excel has three dates which are display only fields, that being dates when the identified file was created, last accessed and last updated.  The field displays four digit years and the range of dates displayed is only limited by the operating system.

FileCompare does an extensive amount of date processing.  Dates are converted to an integer format and stored in arrays, representing perhaps dozens of possible interpretations of the date.  Various date ranges have been used with different versions of FileCompare, but all the ranges have included at least the years 1601-2499.  Some dates may be converted back to Gregorian format (with four digit years) for comparison or compared in the internal integer format.   Neither of these formats are susceptible to Y2K issues.

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