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White Paper: DateWise FileCompare

The file comparison tool that automatically compares dates...

...without being told where the dates are nor their format

Executive Summary

This article presents a new kind of patent pending technology for attacking the single most difficult part of the Year 2000 problem (testing). The process is simple and powerful...use a file comparison tool that automatically recognizes if dates cause two files not to match. If both files contain possible dates, check every possible combination of the two dates to see if they have been reformatted and/or aged.

There is no need to tell the comparison tool where the dates are and what format they are in. This is a tremendous time savings over traditional approaches.

This tool completely automates 30% - 40% of the testing effort (which is 40% - 60% of the entire Year 2000 problem). The net effect is a reduction in excess of 10% in the total effort in Year 2000 remediation, regardless of the technique chosen to solve the problem. The DateWise FileCompare tool works the same for windowing, expansion, encoding or whatever other technique was chosen.

In addition, this tool is capable of comparing files which were not previously comparable using automated tools.

The complete paper is available in Adobe Acrobat format

Download the complete white paper.

or it can be view on-line at this link