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WebWise monitors web pages for changes or other maintenance while avoiding some false notifications of changes.  This shareware program uses a version of DateWise's patent pending FileCompare engine to identify pages that are different in areas other than insignificant dates.

This program serves as an excellent demonstration of what can be accomplished with the DateWise file comparison process.  There is no need to tell the computer where the dates are expected within files.  The computer will find them and process them correctly - here is the chance to prove it to yourself.


Recognizes over 100,000 date/time stamp formats
Complete security over confidential list of web pages being monitored
No need to tell the computer where the dates are located in the file
No need to know the exact format of the files in advance
Can be customized for languages other than English for such items as month names
30 Day free trial before having to register
Registered version adds additional functionality

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