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The Windows Registry is an effective way to identify Windows based products by manufacturer, product and version. However, it does have three drawbacks listed below.

First, we have selected to only return information from the local Registry, not the Registries located on remote servers. To return the information the information from remote systems would duplicate information between users and would greatly increase the amount of data one would have to check through without adding any new information. It is much more efficient to run the tool once on the server rather than have each user hit against a subset of the same files from each server. (You have to run it once on the server anyway to pick up any third party software that is only access from the server.)

Second, the Registry does not contain any information about DOS based applications. Therefore, this process will miss any DOS applications that are not executed from an icon, menu option and is not contained in the history of the Windows Run commands. This is the reason we recommend this product only as a second source to verify the results you have achieved from another tool, unless you are willing to ignore all the DOS applications.

Third, the Registry may not contain much information on in-house developed applications. That type of information will much more likely be found on the desktop and menuing systems, which is why we provide the menu view also with our product.