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DateWise RegDump provides a second opinion of what software is installed on the PC.  Instead of working with individual files, it works with products.  Instead of having to already know about a file of size 1,537,024 by the name of "SMARTD3.EXE", the program works from information the manufacturer placed in his executables.  The Windows Registry knows a product has been installed known as version "3.22.318" of "SmartDraw Version 3.22 (32 Bits)" manufactured by "SmartDraw Software Inc."  Furthermore, it knows the same name product is reachable off my desktop menuing system.  The program presents both views to the user.

Other programs have to be "trained" because they work by using a preloaded database knowing less than 10% of all possible software packages.  The reason this product is only a second opinion is that it only works with products which have been either installed through Windows 95/98/NT or have an icon that reaches the product or were executed directly from Windows Explorer (i.e. not from a DOS prompt).  With the exception of any old time "power users" who does a lot of work in DOS, that description should cover practically every application used or likely to be used after the year 2000.

DateWise RegDump is a product-orientated view of software known to the Windows Registry, the desktop menus or the history of the Run command.  Every product installed by a Windows based setup program is identified.  Every product that can be launched from an icon or menu is identified.  The last 26 products manually entered into the Windows Run command are identified.  Most of the identified products contain the manufacturer, product name, version and date last accessed.  Products are not identified by matching EXE names to a limited database of known products.   This results in DateWise RegDump automatically identifying software installed that other products will not.

DateWise RegDump takes information from various sources in the computer and combines them to produce a file containing the manufacturer, product and version number for most executable items.  In addition, the tool captures some other Year 2000 critical information, such as the Windows short date format.  It also performs a calculation on the BIOS to positively identify which machines need to be tested by rebooting without testing each machine manually and without a risk that the BIOS was modified without changing the version number.

DateWise RegDump is ideal for remote installation and execution.  It takes about one minute to execute the basic tool.

An optional program is included with DateWise RegDump to scan the hard drives to capture the names of (potentially Y2K relevant) files including three dates for most files (the date the file was created, the date the file was last accessed and the date the file was last updated).   Most other tools capture only the date the file was last modified which tells you nothing about executables and little about static files which are not updated routinely but used often.  The optional program scans a typical hard drive in about 15 minutes and generates a one megabyte file.

DateWise RegDump is sold as a non-transferable, organization wide license allowing up to 10,000 PCs owned by the organization to be scanned.  For just $200 (plus postage), most organizations can scan all the PCs they own.  The tool comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If the software is not useful to you, your $200 (without postage) will be refunded.

DateWise RegDump is only a data collection tool.  It creates a few comma delimited text files (*.CSV) which can easily read into any spreadsheet or database program.  Sample reports in Excel and Access are included.

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