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Abater for Excel

DateWise Abater for Excel reduces the effort of remediating spreadsheets by identifying spreadsheets which are structurally the same or identical.   This allows those similar spreadsheets to be remediated together and identical ones to be remediated only once.

DateWise RegDump tool reads the Windows Registry in Windows 95/98/NT to inexpensively obtain an inventory of the software installed through Windows.  It also collect other information important for Year 2000 remediation.  For a couple hundred dollars, all PCs can be scanned in an organization.

DateWise FileCompare tools are designed to intelligently compare two files which differ by pre-known constants, without specifying where those differences will occur, or even everything about those constants. 

DateWise FileCompare tools allow comparing two files which were previously not comparable using any technology.  For example, two printer files can be compared which have a different system base date.  

DateWise FileCompare tools are typically used for Year 2000 and Euro testing.  However, the current version is limited to date processing rather than currency conversion.

For additional information on DateWise tools, see the product specific links below, postings and FAQ pages.

Abater for Excel
Eliminate duplicate effort remediating spreadsheets by identifying duplicate files for only $2 per PC.
DateWise RegDump
Get a second opinion of the software installed on your PCs for a very small flat rate.
DateWise FileCompare: PC
An implementation of our patent-pending file comparison process for desktop computers.
DateWise File Compare: UNIX
An implementation of our patent-pending file comparison process for the Mid-Tier platform.
DateWise File Compare: MVS
An implementation of our patent-pending file comparison process for the IBM mainframe platform.

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