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December 1, 2001 – (Dublin, Ohio) - Victor Fanberg was invited to present a paper on his newly patented system for performing comparisons on computer files at the Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Quality Software (APAQS) in Hong Kong, December 10-11, 2001. APAQS has 50 technical papers being presented from both industry and academia from countries around the world. IEEE Computer Society Press will be publishing the conference papers.

In US Patent 6,236,993, issued May 22, 2001, Fanberg first revealed how to automatically compare files with embedded tokens, such as timestamps, without specifying where the embedded tokens appear in the file. One important application of the patent allows computer programmers to verify that files believed not to have changed have not changed.

For example, Microsoft Visual C++ compiler always embeds creation timestamps in executables at unknown locations, making comparison of two identical executables impossible since the files will always mismatch at the timestamps. The result, according to Fanberg, is that "those executables that have not changed can finally be reliably identified. So software development firms have a solution to the age old problem…to either waste effort retesting software that hasn’t changed since the last release, or… to chance release untested software believed unchanged from the previous version."

DateWise, Ltd is a small development firm founded in 1998 in Dublin, Ohio to develop and market this file comparison technology. The company maintains business hours on Fridays. Victor Fanberg has 30 years experience in software development, analysis and testing. He is a senior software engineer with the international consulting company Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) on Mondays through Thursdays.


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