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Abater for Excel Eliminates Redundant Y2K Effort

Universal Add-on Tool Finds Identical Files Dispersed Across Networks

Dublin, OH, June 4, 1999 – How many times should the same file have its Year 2000 problems fixed? Until now, each file was analyzed and repaired for Y2K problems sequentially, wasting scarce resources by repeating all work already accomplished on identical files elsewhere. Now, it is possible to identify all corporate copies of each spreadsheet. These copies originate as successful spreadsheets shared by email with the authors’ co-workers or management, as backups or as file versions.

The new patent pending tool identifies all spreadsheets that are completely identical, plus many slightly modified versions of the original. Completely identical files may insignificantly vary in their file name, date, size or certain other internal characteristics. The slightly modified file versions recognized by the tool contain updated values every period, such as monthly sales statistics. Treating such close versions together saves effort in analysis, remediation and testing, since they have identical Y2K problems.

The tool is useful beyond Y2K, providing capability to manage duplicate files by network administrators, managers and end users. This enables more efficient use of resources.

Abater for Excel is an inexpensive add-on product to all other Y2K remediation tools. It does not duplicate the functionality or price of specialized tools for Y2K spreadsheet remediation. To help companies identify a primary Y2K tool that fits their needs and budget, DateWise’s web page provides links to all Y2K spreadsheet manufacturers. Abater for Excel is only two dollars per PC.

DateWise, Ltd. is a year old privately owned organization that creates innovative file comparison products with application to global problems such as the Year 2000, Euro and beyond.  DateWise, Ltd. is a solutions developing partner of several organizations including IBM, Hewlett-Packard & Sun.  Further information on Abater for Excel can be found at http://www.dateWise.com.

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