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Y2K Testing Tool Cuts Effort

Year 2000 testing effort is cut by 40%

July 13, 1998 -- DateWise, Ltd. announced a patent pending Year 2000 testing tool which automatically compares the output files from testing without being told specifications for the dates.  The inventor estimates this one tool will save 40% of the testing effort for the Year 2000, regardless of the technique used for remediation.  Most industry experts estimate testing is 50% - 60% of the Year 2000 effort.  The net result is a 20% reduction in the total effort for the Year 2000.

Without DateWise's tool the process of file comparison is tedious.  All prior tools required programmers to meticulously identify date locations, formats and how to tell one record type from another.

Using DateWise's tool, artificial intelligence identifies the dates present in the files rather than relying on the programmer to identify them.  The tool relies on the computer's ability to explain how a date could have caused any differences found between two files.  If the computer can explain all the differences between two files, the files match.  If it can not explain the differences, they do not match.

The process has implication beyond just the Year 2000 problem.  It also will be useful in changing any standards such as the conversion to the Euro for the standard currency in Europe and conversion from English measures to the metric system.

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