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From: Ed

But what is that percentage of no date hold PCs in use compared to all otherwise compliant (RTC & BIOS rollover) PC's in use? Then, when you compound that percentage by the likelihood of date usage occurring while such a PC has been rebooted when the network is down; where is the true quantifiable risk?

The statistic you are asking for is meaningless. Consider this... A
couple of weeks ago, one or two PCs (a very small number relative to the
total quantity of PCs in the world) were infected with a new virus.
Using your logic - What difference does that make? It was just one or
two PCs. That is a small percentage compared to the total quantity of
PCs in the world. They were probably not even on your network.

You seem to want to play a statistics game. Melissa initially infected
only a couple of PCs. That is a very small statistic. How would you
like to have your data go down the road that email traffic went with

IMHO, it is foolish to play statistics games with something as simple as
PC hardware compliance. Use some methodology that has a basis in facts,
not one that plans to ignore/fix problems as they occur when you are
talking about something as simple and fundamental as PC hardware

Vic Fanberg