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Abater for Excel is designed as an add-on tool for all other remediation tools.  Using Abater for Excel with any of the following tools will result in more efficient fixing & testing.  Without duplicating the functionality or price of your primary remediation tool, you will avoid fixing and testing duplicate spreadsheets!

By itself, Abater for Excel only helps you identify various categories of similar or identical spreadsheets that may be distributed across your network.  How often do you want to remediate the same spreadsheet?  Without Abater for Excel, you will remediate the same spreadsheet every time you encounter it on different PCs.

The Y2K tools listed here are divided into four categories:

Tools that only analyze spreadsheets
Tools that analyze & remediate spreadsheets (but do not function on databases)
Tools that analyze both spreadsheets & databases (but do not perform remediation)
Tools that analyze & remediate both spreadsheets & databases

DateWise provides this list as a service to aid clients in selecting their primary analysis/remediation tool for Excel spreadsheets. 

Please evaluate each tools features, claims and capabilities carefully.  You may find a specialized tool that works better for your needs/budget than a more general tool.   Specialized tools may actually be more thorough (or have less false positives) for your spreadsheets.
Be cautious of any claims that any tool can remediate every possible spreadsheet totally without any human intervention 100% of the time.  Silver bullets do not exist and will only provide a dangerous false sense of security.
Evaluate the testing mechanisms provided with each tool to ensure the spreadsheets were remediated properly for adequacy.
DateWise, Ltd. is independent of each of these manufacturers.  Any decision you make to use one tool over another is your own decision.  We have only provided you an alphabetical list of all products.
If any manufacturer wishes to be added to the list or alter their entry, click "Add link".


The following tools analyze spreadsheets only:

Amosis Spreadsheet Checker

Date Search




Y2K Checker for Excel

The following tools analyze and repair spreadsheets only:

DateSpy Fixer


IST Remediation Workbench for Excel

Microsoft wizards

OnMark 2000 Workbench for Excel

Utility 2000™

Visual DateScope

Year 2000 Inspector

The following tools analyze spreadsheets and databases:

2000 Toolbox Online (Select "Check Files" from menu presented)

Adapt-PC 2000

Centennial 2000 Pro

Check 2000 PC Deluxe



Evolution Datesearch: Company website seems to have disappeared prior to July 12, 1999.

IST Year 2000 Analysis Suite

Millennium Advisor

Norton 2000

OnMark 2000 Assess

Pass 2000 Pro


Tracer 2000

TransCentury Office

The following tools analyze and repair spreadsheets and databases:


Y2K Doctor