Innovative ideas for Y2K, Euro and other global needs


Significant postings related to the Year 2000 by Vic Fanberg covering such topics as:

How to disprove Y2K silver bullets
"Saving Time in Y2K Testing" presentation

The problem with playing statistics games in Y2K efforts (it is like thinking the Melissa Virus initially infected only one or two PCs, so it could be safely ignored)

Abater for Excel

How many times do you want to "fix" the same spreadsheet whenever a change is required?   Abater for Excel saves you significant effort by:

Scanning all PCs looking for duplicate spreadsheets
Eliminating the need to change duplicate spreadsheets
Reducing the effort to change similar spreadsheets
Working with spreadsheets located on the same PC
Working with spreadsheets located on different PCs
Acting as an optional component to all other spreadsheet remediation tools without duplicating their cost or capability


Professional programmers will appreciate the manual effort eliminated by FileCompare.  This tool saves effort in Y2K testing by:

Recognizing dates in compared files without providing detailed specifications to the tool
Not requiring the programmer to identify
where where dates are located in the files
the format of any individual date in the files
record format identifiers to distinguish one record type from another
Setting up for complex comparisons in minutes rather than hours or days
Able to compare files that no other tool is able to compare
Utilizing artificial intelligence techniques to understand dates
Saving up to 40% of the effort of testing for Y2K compliance
Euro version is scheduled for first quarter 2000


Before any serious Y2K work can be performed on corporate wide PCs, an inventory of the software installed on the PCs is essential.  RegDump inexpensively provides this information for Windows based programs by:

Scanning the Windows operating system registry for clues of installed software providing
Manufacturer's name
Product name
Product version
Scanning the desktop for additional icons of other software
Scanning the menuing system for menu items indicating other software

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