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If any manufacturer of a tool that analyzes or remediates Excel spreadsheets wishes to be added to this free list, send an email to with

Manufacturer name
Tool name.  For multiple tools, submit multiple requests.
URL of the tool's home page.   This page must describe the tool.  If you use frames, a direct link to the page describing the tool.
URL of any technical white papers you have available on Excel remediation.  If we get sufficient quantities of these, we will add a section on spreadsheet technical information resources.
Category for tool.  Please also tell us if your tool works for Y2K, Euro or both.
Marketing phrase or short sentence describing or differentiating your tool.  We intend to add up to one line below each tool name with this information.  If your sentence is tool long, we may edit or reduce the font until it fits.  We will also attempt to accommodate reasonable requests for changes to this information.
Contact information for a marketing person in case we need to correspond with you about this information (will not be published)

We currently will list all tools submitted provided they can remediate some spreadsheets for Y2K or Euro needs.  This policy is subject to change at any time.

We are not currently listing VARs or other distributors.