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How many times do you want to remediate the same spreadsheet in your Y2K/Euro efforts?  A typical spreadsheet is created on one PC and shared with co-workers, who in turn share it with their co-workers.  If you remediate spreadsheets as they are encountered on each PC, you may remediate the same spreadsheet 50 times or more in the process.  Abater for Excel eliminates that redundant work.

This tool will also identify certain spreadsheets that can save significant effort (and provide improved accuracy) by remediating them together.  These are spreadsheets that are just minor modifications of each other, such as spreadsheets modified monthly with new sales statistics.  This tool will identify various types of similar spreadsheets to help organize what order spreadsheets should be remediated in order to minimize efforts with maximum output.

When remediating Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, how do you know which ones to do first, which ones don't contain anything to remediate, which spreadsheets appear to be structurally identical copies of others (so they can be remediated together to save time in remediation and testing), etc.  DateWise Abater for Excel will provide you with a view to help you answer those kinds of issues.

DateWise Abater for Excel is designed to work in conjunction with any other solution to the Excel problem that you have chosen to use. It provides a report (suitable for searching in Excel) of the spreadsheets found on diverse PCs which are:

Exactly identical
Structurally identical
Structurally similar
Structurally modified

The report should be used whenever a spreadsheet is remediated.  Why remediate the same spreadsheet on another machine?  If it is fixed, immediately send it to others who have the identical same spreadsheet as a replacement.  Send notification of the problems found to those with structurally identical or similar spreadsheets, so they know what problem will be found when the spreadsheet is remediate on those other copies. 

Technically, Abater for Excel saves the following information from each spreadsheet:

File name, location, and other identification of PC/Disk the spreadsheet was located on
What structural elements in each spreadsheet are identical to structural elements in other spreadsheets?  Which spreadsheets are completely identical in all significant areas?
When the spreadsheet was last accessed?  When was it created?  When was it last updated?
What Excel version was the spreadsheet saved in?  Is the spreadsheet saved as a "Double Stream File" (i.e. as both a Microsoft Excel 97 & 5.0/95 workbook within the same XLS file)?
Does the spreadsheet have any formulas?
Does the spreadsheet contain any VBA code?
Does the spreadsheet have hidden cells, columns or sheets?

Coming soon: scanning ability for Lotus® brand spreadsheets.   Contact sales@dateWise.com for more information.

Please note that Abater for Excel is not designed to be a primary Y2K remediation tool, it only makes the work done by all other tools much more efficient.  For a complete list of Y2K remediation tools for Excel, see our Abater for Excel links page.

For more information on this tool, contact sales@dateWise.com.

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