In general, we are in the office only on Fridays.  On other days, you will usually get either voice mail or an answering service.  It is more efficient to reach us by email, voice mail or fax on those days.

Normally, the fax machine will automatically start when another fax machine calls.   If you reach our answering machine, but are having trouble connecting to our fax machine or wish to leave both a fax and a voice mail message, please follow these directions:

Dial our phone number, (614) 799-2521
Wait for the answering machine to complete its message
If you wish to leave a voice mail message, you may do so at this time
When you are ready to send a fax, press the following three keys sequentially on your touch tone phone: one, asterisk, one (i.e.  "1*1")
Press START on your fax machine
Your fax should start transmitting at this time