We get many requests for a demo of RegDump. Unfortunately, we can not provide a demo because the tool is so simple, that if you had a demo, you would not need to purchase the tool. We have found no way to protect it.

We make no secret about where RegDump gets its information. And, with a non-disclosure agreement, we can provide samples of the files RegDump produces off of one of our PCs. Finally, we offer the tool with a 30 day money back guarantee – if you purchase the tool (only $200 for up to 10,000 PCs owned or leased by your organization), we will refund your money (less shipping charges) upon return of the tool, if you find it does not meet your needs. So far, no one has returned the product.

What would you learn from a demo?

You would see it install/uninstall. RegDump is a Visual Basic program. Installation is the same as any other VB program.
You could compare to see if it obtains the same or more information than another tool. We show you where RegDump gets its information from and you can see exactly what it will and will not identify.
You would see how long it takes to run. On my Pentium 90 with 8 GB of hard drive space split over 12 logical drives, it takes about 60 seconds to run and generate the output files.

In short, you will learn no more from a demo than you will from these few pages showing our information sources.

We also provide sample output.