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DateWise FIle Compare: MVS Version

File Compare: MVS Version is an implimentation of our smart file comparison algorithm.   It does not allow specifying individual date location or format because these are unnecessary for our algorithm.  The result is a tremendous savings in setup time for file comparisons.

Key Benefits

Requires only the names of the files being compared to perform a comparison.  This is vastly a simpler comparison system to any other.
Able to compare screen dumps and printer files in addition to standard data files.
Automatically recognizes reformatted dates such as those changed from mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy for consistency.  Parser driven technology recognizes character months also.   It would recognize that a valid date to follow "12/31/99" could be "Jan 1, 2000" or "1 January 00".
Automatically identifies dates which have been aged such as 01/02/00 is 365 days after 01/02/99 (or even a reformatted 02/01/99).  At the same time it would reject dates such as 01/01/00, 01/03/00 and 02/02/00.

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